About us

We are not the only ones, whose journey started from a dream and a desire to make it come true but also to give back to those in need and make a difference. 

Why? Because Classyme's story would have never happened if it wasn't for a case on an incurable illness, for being dedicated and hard-working parents, for finding ourselves at a point of our lives where going back was no longer an option. On the other hand, in all misfortune, sadness and pain, there was great friendship, support, laughter and love for great quality handbags and unique accessories, which put together formed a strong foundation for our business. 

Our objective is to create a fabulous portfolio of products and a great shopping experience for our customers, who, just like us, are looking for statement pieces which will never go out of fashion, made of high quality materials and not seen anywhere else. 

We are a great team, friendly, approachable and fun to work with, with brilliant sense of humour and most importantly dedicated to providing our clients with the highest standards of customer service. 

So, dear classy you, in case you didn't know, should you decide to support us and our vision and to buy from us, you will also be supporting Lupus UK and a lot of local businesses we promote, whose owners are also real people with great stories to tell.